Michael Wein, MD,FAAAAI

JOHNS HOPKINS Allergist, Children & Adults

We treat each patient with compassion and dignity and are committed to listening to each patient's concerns.

Our services include:

Lung function testing / Pulmonary Function Tests
Desensitization (also called allergy shots or injections or immunotherapy)
Allergy Testing (in almost all cases no needle is used, only plastic)
Asthma Treatments, such as inhalers, nebulizations, prevention
Immunizations, vaccines
Electrocardiograms (including resting EKG)

We specialize in treating:

Allergic Rhinitis (Hayfever) to mold, pollen, animals
Skin rashes, including hives and itching, and related dermatology problems.
Sinus Problems, including sinus infections and  fungal disease (mold), loss of smell
Stinging Insect Allergy (venoms from wasp, hornet, yellow jacket, bees, fire ants)
Drug Allergy, Food Allergy, Latex Allergy,
Immune Disorders, such as immunodeficiency
Asthma and related breathing problems such as chronic cough
Headache with sinus pressure and pain

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Port St Lucie FL  32986       Vero Beach Fl  32960
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(Serving Port St Lucie and St Lucie West)                                                                

New Patients Welcome - No Referral Needed

Allergy, ENT, Sinus, Dermatology

Please call for an appointment

Michael Wein, M.D.

Dr. Wein is a Fellow of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology.  For more information on AAAAI, and to find other members, visit www.aaaai.org. The site has excellent information on dermatology and ENT sinus problems too.

Please contact us for more information about Pre-Pen. PrePen is the major determinant of penicillin metabolism and used as a skin-testing reagent to detect antibodies in people with penicillin allergy. It was recently approved by the FDA through Allerquest and ALK Abello.

Also see www.stluciesinus.com and www.michaelwein.com

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